What Women Really Talk About

For the most part, ladies usually talk a little more about their relationships than men do. That is, they talk with their friends about things that guys would not talk to their friends about. Guys usually keep things to themselves when it comes to their personal life.

Women, however, are more likely to share tidbits of information amongst their friends. They aren’t as secretive about personal things like men are – at least for the most part.

Here is a bit of inside information that girls share when they are talking with their friends. Most guys will never hear this.

1. Is he serious about me? They are wondering if the man they are with is in it for the long haul. Is he really the commitment type? They wonder if he is just trying to get them into bed. Is he really going to give up seeing other women if he is with me? This is one of the hottest topics when women get together.

2. Is he still interested in me? Once the relationship has matured a little, they are going to wonder if their guy is still interested in them. They are going to be watching for any signs that indicate their mate might be straying. In a case like this, they are also going to be interpreting innocent things (like looking at an attractive woman in public) as a real threat. These are things that they are going to be talking to their girlfriends about. Remind her and show her that you are still interested and this won’t be much of a problem.

3. They wonder how they can get back together with an ex. They are more likely to talk to their friends about getting back with a lost love than men do. Men will deal with things by themselves and usually don’t involve their friends. At the most, a guy may ask advice from a best friend. Women tend to talk to other women for hours about the best way to get an ex back, or if an ex is still interested in them.

4. They are going to ask their friends what he sees in her. If they are interested in a guy and have not gone out with him, they are going to start talking about what he sees in her with their other friends. This may have it’s roots in jealousy as they dissect the women and look at how attractive (or unattractive) she really is and what other negative traits they think she has.

5. Will he marry me? That is one thing that women talk about for hours on end. You have to realize that something like this more important to them than the average man. They are also under social pressure to settle down and have a family. They need to find a life partner and they are under more pressure to do this asap than men are. Their biological clock is ticking and they feel that the best chance they have to conceive and have a healthy baby is before they are 30. Obviously, one of the most important questions they are going to have is whether he is going to marry her.

Don’t forget that women have a lot of things going on when it comes to relationships and they are going to discuss them openly with their group of friends. But by know what it is that they talk about, you can be a better and more understanding partner.

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