What Type of Man Has An Affair?

What type of man has an affair?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could profile the typical cheating husband so that you could avoid getting involved with them at all?

Of course, early on in your relationship, and long before you get married, the last thing you are thinking of is whether this guy is going to cheat on you 20 years down the road. It just doesn’t seem logical to be thinking that far ahead. If you are truly that suspicious, it’s very unlikely that you will ever get together with anyone.

The reality is that we can only make decisions based upon the present. We can only judge the person for who they are now, and not for things that may, or may not, happen years from now.

Of course, if you hook up with a known womanizer, you are certainly increasing your chances for trouble down the road. If they have a promiscuous character trait now, what makes you think that things will get any better after you’re married.

Unfortunately, most men do not give any indication that they are capable of having an affair. Either they are very good at hiding their dark side, or they, themselves, are unaware that they have it in them to cheat. Remember, people can change drastically over the years. The man you married 20 years ago could be completely different from who they are today.

The only choice you have is to use your best judgment before things get serious. Whatever happens from then on is out of your control.

Does your guy look at other women in public? Is he very flirtatious around the opposite sex? Does he have a track record of several, short relationships? Is he scared of commitment? Is he immature?

The decisions you make now could have very profound implications years, or even decades down the road.

What type of man has an affair? Unfortunately, you may not know unless it happens to you.

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