What Makes a Perfect Guy: Women on Dating

You men spend so much time trying to figure out what we women want. Sure, we don’t usually come right out and say what we want, we expect you to interpret our subtle hints like Native American smoke signals. Well, I’m going to cut that out right now. You want to know what this woman thinks makes the perfect man? Read on.

Stick up for me. I don’t need to be smothered, or sheltered, but I do want to know you’re looking out for me. If somebody gives me trouble, I expect you to be ready to rescue me. I’m not alone on this. When dating a man, we women want him to be there when we need him.

Have a sense of humor. Sometimes everybody gets a little moody, and it’s important to be dating a man who knows how to lighten the rough times. If you can get me from feeling like a bag of turnips to feeling like a ray of sunshine, you’re the man I’m looking for.

Don’t be ashamed. Honestly, the fact that you like me isn’t anything to hide. Hug me when we meet, hold my hand when we walk, or slip your arm around my shoulder at a party. Do not paw or grope me. The point is to make it clear that you’re mine, and I’m yours, and we’re both happy that way. In the same vein, don’t be afraid to say you love me. You might buy me flowers, we may cuddle a lot, but in the end, those three small words are priceless.

Keep in touch. It’s okay to call for no reason. Especially if you’re calling to check on how I am, and actually let me know you care by listening to what I have to say. Calling us for no reason is a good way to let us know you care, that you’re thinking about us, even if we aren’t together.

Be polite. I don’t expect you to love my mom or become best friends with my girl friends. I do expect you to at least be courteous. You don’t have to like them. Just don’t be a jerk around them.

Let me pick the movie. Not every time, but sometimes, and that means chick flicks. I have to watch your sports. The least you can do is cuddle up on the couch and put on a romantic comedy for me. It doesn’t have to be every movie night, just some of them. Seriously, it’s only a few hours of your time. I’m worth it.

So that’s it, plain and simple. Those are the things we women look for when dating.