The Beach Date

Ah, there’s nothing like a day (or evening) at the beach. A light breeze, fresh air, warm sand, and crashing waves all working together to create the perfect backdrop to a perfect day.

As far as venues go, the beach is certainly a great place to bring a date and make a day of it. Make sure you have the day roughly planned and be sure to include some activities to add a little variety. In this case, activities could mean anything from taking a walk along the boardwalk, having dinner at an ocean side restaurant, shopping, or dancing the night away after the sun goes down. Whatever you have planned, just make sure that you are open to suggestions from your date and are willing to try something new.

A note about safety:

If the beach you choose is open after the sun goes down, it is imperative that you choose a safe location with plenty of other people around. A deserted beach should be avoided at all costs – especially after dark. As tempting as it may be to slip away to a more secluded location, you run the risk of becoming a crime statistic.

When planning your day at the beach, you can’t go far wrong with remembering to include the basics. Here are some things to include so that your beach date goes smoothly and you both have a memorable time:

A picnic basket filled with your favourite foods

A cooler containing plenty of drinks and maybe a chilled bottle of sparkling wine

A couple of large blankets

A radio

Two beach chairs and a large umbrella

Sun block, sun glasses, hats

A flashlight if you stay after dark

A change of clothes if you plan on staying after dark and/or taking your date to a restaurant or dancing

Above all, make sure that your date understands exactly what the beach venue is all about. It’s about trying new things, being unique, and having a good time. It’s not about the fact that you opted to cheap out and go the economical route.

If it makes you feel a little more at ease, you can save the beach date for later in the relationship – after you have been on a few “normal” dates together.

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