Staying Strong After You End a Relationship

While many of us know how hard it can be to be on the receiving end of a breakup, the fact of the matter is that ending a relationship can be every bit as hard. You can be just as devastated being the one who initiates the breakup as the person who is being told it is over.

One of the hardest things to deal with is having your relationship end over something silly that escalated into a full-fledged breakup. And it happens more often than you might think. If your relationship ended over something small and insignificant, it is going to be harder on you than if you ended it because the other person cheated or was abusive toward you.

If you ended the relationship over something that was insignificant, you can be left with feelings of remorse, guilt, and you may even start questioning whether the decision you made was the right one. You may even convince yourself to give your ex another chance. This can make you look a little wishy-washy in the eyes of others. The last thing you want to be thought of is a game player.

It is important to stay strong after you end it. Think of all the things that made you come to the decision in the first place. Obviously, there are things that you just can’t handle about your ex and you have to think about those without feeling remorse or guilt.

Even if your ex wasn’t cheating on you or abusive toward you, your life could have been miserable, never having anyone to talk to or to lend a helping hand in times of crisis. You have to be able to depend on your spouse for support. Think about how bad things really were.

If he/she ignored you and they were never there when you needed a shoulder to cry on, you have every right to end the relationship. Life is too short to be with someone that obviously doesn’t care.

On the other hand, maybe your spouse was attentive and did all the right things, but you did not feel anything for him/her – is it right that you should stay with someone you no longer love? That is only a question that you can answer, but if you have left your ex because you did not love them anymore, then that is a valid reason and not one that you should feel guilty about.

One reason you may be going through a tough time with your decision is that you still love your ex, but not in a romantic sense. You may still care deeply about them, but you know that you are not in love with them in a romantic way anymore. Is this a reason to stay with someone? Should you sacrifice the rest of your life because you worry about what is going to happen to your ex? Well, you can’t force yourself to love someone. Eventually, the truth is going to come out.

In a way, you are doing them a favor by freeing them up and allowing them the opportunity to date and possibly meet the man or woman of their dreams. What kind of life are you going to have if you continue to pretend? If you think about it, it is one of the best reasons to leave someone.