Signs She’s Cheating

The signs she’s cheating can be subtle or very direct, but either way you’ve got to get prepared to deal with them and with the possible reality in front of you. Keep your cool, but get to the facts so that you can either solve the issue or move on. Here are some of the most common signs she’s cheating:

She’s always got a reason not to be intimate with you lately and even if you do coax her into sex, it’s far from exciting – just routine. This could mean that she is thinking of someone else.

She is gone much more than she used to be – either at work or with friends or at the gym – but she’s not around. If she really wanted to be with you, she would be. It is easy to make time for the one you love if you really want to.

She gives odd answers to seemingly straightforward questions like “where were you this afternoon?” Either that, or she gets hostile and defensive. This is behavior that says she has something to hide and that she resents the fact that you may be on to her. Be prepared to have this thrown back in your face as she may start accusing you of being jealous and possessive.

1. She is paying much more attention to her looks that she used to. Maybe she started a new gym membership or really seems to be sticking with the latest diet, or is going on shopping sprees (especially if underwear is involved). This, in itself, may not be cause for alarm because she could be doing this for a number of reasons. In fact, she may be doing it to make herself appear more attractive to you and not another man that she has on the side.

2. She seems more guarded with her phone lately. It’s always with her and she never leaves it sitting on the table like she used to. This could be a real indication that she has something to hide. . A sudden change in behavior like this is one of the first signs you should be looking for when you first suspect she is cheating.

3. She gets odd calls at odd hours, or the call frequency seems to have increased over normal. Maybe you could excuse one or two calls as a coincidence (especially hang-up calls), but when she is getting a lot more calls that have to do with work, or that new friend she just met, you may want to keep your eyes open.

4. She is wearing perfume now and she normally doesn’t, or not very frequently, or now she has a brand new scent or perfume. She may carry perfume with her now in the car, for example, that she never used to. Again, a change in her normal routine and mannerisms may mean that something has changed – and not in a good way for you.

Well, there you have it, some of the top signs she’s cheating. Remember: any one or two of these could easily be explained, so don’t go jumping to any conclusions. But you do have to protect your relationship and if she is exhibiting many of these signs, you can’t be taken for a fool either. Get to the bottom of it one way or another and either move out or move on, but do so knowing the truth.
When it comes to gathering the evidence you need, did you know that one of the best ways to find out the truth is to have a peek at her cellphone? If she is cheating on you, she is most certainly using her cellphone or mobile device to stay in touch with him. If you notice that she is being especially careful about where she leaves her cellphone, there are likely messages or cell numbers in there that she does not want you to see. In fact, the whole sorted affair is likely sitting there waiting to be unveiled.

Once you have her cellphone, look for messages (incoming and outgoing) and phone numbers you don’t recognize. Write them down and use a service like THIS to see who belongs to the number.