Signs She Likes You – Here Are Some Very Good Indicators

So you’ve been chatting with an intriguing woman at a party for a little while and you find yourself wondering if she’s actually interested in you, or is she just being polite? Not an unreasonable thing to wonder.

Well, the good news is that if you’ve been chatting with a woman for a while and she’s still engaged in the conversation, she’s probably interested in you. It’s possible she’s just being friendly and you have a lot of things in common, but she probably likes you as well. Also, realize, most women will not have an extended conversation with a guy without mentioning their boyfriend or husband. This means if you’ve been talking for a while, and she hasn’t mentioned another man, and she seems like she wants to keep talking to you, she’s probably really into you.

Another good sign she likes you is her body language. We’re so used to communicating with words that we forget just how much we say with our bodies. Some quick physical signs she’s attracted to you would be eye dilation, extended smiles, “body sweep” looks, shoulder positions, and leaning. When we’re interested in a person, or subject, our eyes automatically dilate trying to “see more.” Bear in mind that lighting can be a major factor in pupil dilation, and it helps to have other people around so you can determine a “baseline” for how dilated her eyes usually are.

Extended smiles can also be a good indicator. We all flash quick smiles at strangers every day, but a genuine smile, extended for some time indicates she’s having a good time, and if she’s flashing that smile at you, it is probably because she thinks of you as the source of that good time.

“Body sweep” looks is another way of saying that she is looking you over. You’ve checked her out, your eyes moving from head to toe and back, because you were interested in her. Well, she’s going to do the same thing. If she’s interested in you, she’s going to be checking you out. If she’s looking at your lips or scoping your bod, there’s a good chance she is sincerely interested.

When we’re interested in somebody, we face them directly with our shoulders squared. Women do the same thing. What’s more, if she’s interested, she might be leaning forward a little. This could be a slight lean because she’s trying to hear a little better, or it could be a dramatic lean she’s using to show you that she’s interested in getting a little closer.

In the end, the signs that she likes you are, typically, very obvious. You just need a little common sense and an idea of what to look for. Believe it or not, you have probably developed a pretty good ability to interpret body language intuitively. When in doubt, trust your gut. Not your hormones, not your head, not your heart – your gut. It knows the truth, and doesn’t have any qualms about delivering unpleasant news.

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