Signs of Romantic Attraction

Are you able to pick up on the signs of attraction? How many missed opportunities have there been just because you weren’t able to read the typical signs of romantic attraction?

If you’re like most people, you are probably misinterpreting some very strong signals from other individuals that find you interesting and attractive. Many times this attraction is not immediately obvious – and sometimes it’s downright vague. In any case, you could be missing some great opportunities all because you weren’t able to interpret subtle signs of romantic attraction.

Everyone deals with emotion and feelings in a slightly different manner. Only a small percentage of people are able to convey feelings of affection that scream, “I’m interested” in no uncertain terms. For the rest of us, our attempts at conveying feelings of affection are limited to subtle facial expressions and body language. For a more conservative, or shy, individual, getting the message across can prove to be difficult.

Here are 10 signs of romantic attraction:

1. Eye contact. They go out of their way to make eye contact with you. Eye contact can be very sensual and speak volumes about what that person is feeling without saying a single word. Lingering eye contact (even for a second) is a great indication of feelings of attraction. If they are looking left to right from one eye to the other, they are probably quite interested in what you are saying, and they want you to know this.

2. The touchy/feely approach to conversation. They emphasize their point with a well-placed touch to the arm, hand, or shoulder. This can be a tough one. Many people do this out of habit and there is not meant to be any romantic overtones at all. If there are no other signs of romantic attraction, leave this one alone.

3. Lingering touches. If they are handing you an item, they make it a point to touch your hand and the point of contact lasts just a fraction of a second longer than normal. You really need to have good perception for this one.

4. They find you humorous. They laugh at all your jokes and lame attempts at humor. This is very noticeable.

5. Mood change. Their mood changes when you enter the room or you start talking to them. They can go from gloomy to bubbly in a second flat. They always smile when speaking with you and you can literally feel how happy they are.

6. Stealing glances. Have you ever glanced at someone when they weren’t expecting it and caught them looking at you? Do their eyes automatically look away and they seem slightly embarrassed? Don’t worry, this is a good thing. They were checking you out and you caught them – no harm done. This can be very flattering.

7. Standing close. They stand just a little closer than normal while conversing. Normally, we all have our personal space and hate to have it invaded by anyone. If they like you, they won’t mind sharing their personal space and will expect the same from you.

8. Their friends notice you. You see them chatting with their friends – all the while; the friends are sneaking glances at you. Also, you might overhear your name mentioned.

9. You are always right. They will agree with you often to the point of defending what you are saying in a group of people.

10. Banter. They engage you in a little harmless banter. They might tease you about certain things and then expect you to return in kind. Some people find that this eases the seriousness of traditional romantic interaction.

Picking up on the signs of romantic attraction is easy if you know what to look for. Acting on it is something else entirely. Many of us are so afraid of messing things up, that we don’t take it any further – And that is a real shame. Think of all the missed opportunities in your life.

Confidence plays a big part in all of this. If you are confident, you will know what to say and how to “close the deal.” Knowing someone is attracted to you is only part of it – you need to take it and run with it.

Of course, having a few proven techniques you can fall back on doesn’t hurt either.

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