Signs of an Affair

Infidelity can be very hard to deal with in a relationship. The choice of forgiving such an indiscretion is a personal one, but no matter how you’re inclined to handle it, it’s going to be a bit rough while you navigate through the issue. But, how can you know if your partner is having an affair?

Here are some common signs:

Relationships don’t fall apart overnight. Usually both partners in a relationship can see it sliding across the rocks. Affair’s don’t begin overnight either. Before your partner decides to step out, there will probably be a period where your close relationship gets distant. Sex slows down, conversations become less frequent, and less time spent together are all fields in which the seed of an affair is sown. If you’re seeing these signs, there is a chance your partner might not have started an affair, yet. But letting these situations fester is almost like encouraging your partner to go looking elsewhere for their needs.

In the same vein, if your partner is no longer looking for sex from you, ever, there is a good chance they are finding it somewhere else. Affairs can be “fun” and “exciting” even if they do tend to cause headaches. Lack of interest and boredom in your relationship is the beginning of the end, or worse, the start of an affair.

If you’re trying to save a marriage on the rocks, and your spouse doesn’t want to hear anything about it, they might be having an affair. If a person is faithful and in love, they’ll probably want to try and work out any divisive issues there may be. If they’re dead set against reconciliation and itching to “move on already” there’s a good chance it’s because they’ve already “moved on” to their next partner and just didn’t bother to give you that memo.

If you think your spouse is displaying these signs of an affair, take a deep breath. Make sure you know what’s going on first. An affair is devastating to a relationship. Baseless accusations of an affair can be just as bad. So, keep your cool. It’s really easy to jump to conclusions when you’re upset, and you want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into before broaching the subject of infidelity to a partner you’re suspicious of, but do care about.

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