Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend

There can be many subtle signs of a cheating boyfriend, but you have to know that they are just signs and could easily be explained logically as well. You have to keep your head and not be ignorant or oblivious, but don’t jump to conclusions too quickly either. Every case is unique, but here are some basic things you should be on the lookout for.

1. Have spending habits changed lately? This means that he could be burning the candle on both ends. Maintaining two relationships can be a costly venture.

2. Is he suddenly a lot more concerned about how he looks – eating better, going to the gym a lot more? While it is likely that he simply wants to start taking better care of himself, there is the possibility that he is trying his best to impress someone of the opposite sex.

3. Has he just become “numb” to you? Not cruel or mean – maybe not even fighting – but just indifferent and not really caring one way or the other? Remember that it is hard to have the same feelings for two different people at the same time. This can be quite noticeable.

4. Has your sex life dwindled to nothing or just become dull and routine? Is he not interested in sex? Well, chances are, your old relationship is not going to have the same intensity as a new one and he may be getting exactly what he needs (and more) from his new girlfriend.

5. Does he give you long, complicated and weird answers to seemingly simple “where were you” type questions? This is classic overcompensation and it is something that he may not even realize he is doing.

6. Is he working a lot more than normal? Or at the gym or out with the guys way more than he used to be? If he is seeing another women, he is going to have to make time to see her and that time has to come from somewhere. Any guy who is on a tight schedule is going to have change his routine significantly in order to appease to a new person. It should be very noticeable.

7. Does he get odd phone calls that change his behavior when he answers and after he hangs up? It is going to be next to impossible to mask his feelings if he is talking to the other women on the phone. Look for sudden signs of happiness, sadness, or anger. If his mood changes and there is no other outside influence, then you know that it is something to do with whoever is on the other end of the phone. In fact, this is one of the best indicators that something is going on – especially in the early stages of an affair.

8. Has the man who couldn’t type to save his soul, suddenly become a text messenger? If you notice that he has taken a sudden interest in technology and is typing or texting to beat the band, then you just have to ask yourself, why? And who is on the other end?

9. Does he still hold your hand and touch and caress you like he used to? It is a fact that relationships lose a little of that initial spark, but that is no reason not to show that you still love your partner and you still care. If he is not showing signs of affection, at least once in a while, then you may have something to worry about.

So, these are some of the signs of a cheating boyfriend. Any one or two of them could easily be explained, but if you see many of these signs, as well as other oddities, then you have to face the reality that he truly may be cheating on you. This can be very difficult to deal with, but remember to keep your head – especially if there are children involved – you have a lot to figure out. Make sure to get the help from your friends and family that you will need to get through this. It isn’t going to be easy, but you have to get to the truth one way or the other.

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