Signs My Ex Wants Me Back

Undoubtedly, if you’ve been dumped, the only thing on your mind at the moment is getting back with your ex. As a result, one of the main things you are going to be looking for is “signs my ex wants me back.” If you are able to pick up on these signals, it may just be a starting point to rekindle the relationship.

However, you need to be sure. If you can’t tell, you will either blow a huge opportunity, or you will assume they are giving you signs when, in fact, they are not. Not knowing in either case, is going to be detrimental in your efforts to get them back.

Here is a list of things to look for. You need to be very observant because you will be walking a fine line between not seeing what is there, and seeing things that are not there at all. Another thing to keep in mind is that if they dumped you, it is unlikely that they are going to show their true feelings any time soon – even if they are still madly in love with you. They don’t want to lose face or appear wishy-washy. They made a decision and they can’t appear to change their mind on a whim.

5 Signs My Ex Wants Me Back

1. One of the first indications that they want you back is going to be their general attitude toward you. How do they treat you when you bump into them? Do they light up and greet you with a warm smile and a genuinely enthusiastic attitude? If they see you in public, do they break away from other people they are talking to and head over to see you? Or do they avoid you at all costs and greet you with a scowl on their face when they have no choice but to talk to you?

2. Do you notice that they “conveniently” bump into you in public and dismiss it as a crazy coincidence? While it is still likely that you will run into them (you both probably share similar schedules and acquaintances), take note of how many times this is happening. It is a safe way for them to create the opportunity to see you while blaming it on pure chance.

3. You are told by friends and acquaintances that your ex is asking about you. They may be finding it hard not to know what is happening in your life, so they enlist the help of a few friends to give them the inside scoop. Little do they realize – there is a very good chance that the news will get back to you. This is a strong sign that they are still thinking about you. If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t be bothered asking.

4. If you are both at the same function, do you ever catch your ex stealing glances at you? Even if you are both involved in separate conversations on opposite sides of the room, you may notice that they can’t resist sneaking a peek at you. A good indicator that you are still on their mind, to be sure. It is even more evident when they suddenly turn, embarrassed after being caught.

5. They maintain contact with your family. Though they may justify this by saying that they are just friends with your family member, there is a good chance that they are hoping to ease back into your life someday. If they really wanted to avoid you, the last thing they would do is maintain any sort of connection to you personally.

There you have it: Signs my ex wants me back. But…

You are going to have to be patient and observant. If there are still feelings, they aren’t going to make it very obvious. It may require that you evaluate everything over a period of time before you make a decision. Once you are fairly sure that they are still interested, it is going to make your life a whole lot easier and enable you to take a few steps of your own towards rekindling the relationship. Just knowing how they truly feel is going to give you the courage to keep trying.

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