Signs a Woman Likes You

Figuring out if a woman likes you isn’t as hard as you might think it is. You just need to know how to read the signs. Don’t worry, it isn’t some esoteric study like astrology that you can devote a life time to and have nothing to show for it. It’s actually pretty simple.

Most of the communicating that we do with one another is done non verbally. While the things we say, and the way we say them can be important, the things we don’t say can provide a wealth of information in less time. You don’t have to spend a life time studying body language either, most of us have a pretty good intuitive grasp of the subject, but knowing some of the more common and obvious gestures can make it a lot easier to know if a woman likes you or not.

Remember, women smile a lot, and often feel compelled to be at least polite. You can’t just assume that every smile or glance is a come hither stare. There are some quick ways to tell if that smile she just flashed you was polite recognition, or perhaps something more. If she smiles for a prolonged period, or locks eyes with you, she’s probably genuinely interested. Real smiles will pull on the whole face, creating small lines at the sides of the eyes. Depending on the lighting, eye dilation can be another good indicator when trying to interpret the meaning of a look. Dilated (widened) eyes are a sign of interest. This is most easily observed in shade, where you can gauge her response to you and somebody else. If you’re on the sidewalk and it’s three o clock in the afternoon, she might just be blinded by the sun, not disinterested, so be smart and pay attention.

Another good indicator of how a woman feels about you is her appearance and behavior. If a woman likes you, she’s going to try and “pretty her self up” for you. For some women this might mean buying an outfit, scheduling a hair appointment, and in general blowing you away. For others it might be as simple as making sure she changes into a clean shirt before seeing you after spending a day riding her bike. If she shows up for a date in an outfit that fills your mind with all kinds of exciting ideas, and draws your eyes across her body, she’s into you. Women don’t generally want to be thought of as a sexual object, so if she’s putting on the heels for you its because she does want you to take notice of her natural eroticism.

During the date does she shy away, or draw close? If she’s drawing closer, leaning towards you, touching your arm to get your attention, she’s into you. If she’s crossing her arms and drawing away when you approach her, it’s time to move on.

In the end, it’s pretty easy to figure out if a woman likes you, you just have to calm down and pay attention. In the end, remember that instincts exist for a reason. If you’re gut is telling you something, listen to it. Just be careful about rationalizing a gut answer you’re not intellectually happy with. Don’t cloud your intuition with too much analysis. You’ll just get false results. Be cool, pay attention, and figuring out if she’s interested will be as obvious as looking to the east for the sun to rise.

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