She’s Already Got You Sized Up

When it comes to attraction, most women will have you sized up in seconds. Once that happens, you’re classified and it’s very hard to change this.

It’s nature’s way of weeding out the “non-qualifying” guys quickly and efficiently, allowing her to either move on or, if you pass the test, invest some time.

If you’re an average guy, there’s only so much you can do to make a good impression. If she is out of your league, so to speak, then your very best first impression may not be enough to entice her. You aren’t going to change who you are – and why should you?

Knowing she already has you sized up can be a little unnerving. But it really doesn’t mean you have no chance. Sure, she may have placed you in a certain category in her mind, but the game isn’t over… not by a long shot. There are other factors involved after the initial meeting.

Of course, all this depends on where you are at the time. If you’re in an environment where you’re only going to meet face to face for a second, then the odds are against anything happening. You simply won’t get past that initial first impression.

Bars and other high-pressure venues

Bars are among the worst places for average guys to meet women. Competition is stiff, you have to yell over the music, and the ratio of men to women is at least 2:1 in many places. Even if the ratio was 1:1, as an average guy, you would still have a hard time. Why? Because every good looking guy will have several women after him at once. It’s like high school all over again, isn’t it?

However, if you are able to have more than a few seconds with her, there are ways that average guys can shine.

Here’s the thing: Initial attraction is almost always down to looks. It is that first gut feeling you get within seconds of meeting someone. Oftentimes, you don’t even have to meet. Have you ever lusted for someone you don’t know from across the room? You haven’t met, yet there’s just something about the way they look that’s captivating (the old “love-at-first-site” syndrome).

Yes, this is all down to looks. At that point, there can’t be anything else. Not good if you aren’t especially attractive.

So, what are your options? Well, initially, there’s nothing you can do. She is going to judge you and you have to accept that.

Yet, if you can push through the initial negative screening, there is a good chance that you can make your case, so to speak. Just because a guy has movie star looks doesn’t mean that he has everything else going for him. Sure, all women are crazy about him and all men want to be him, but what is beyond his looks? Does he have any substance?

You, on the other hand, have an opportunity to excel if you have confidence, a decent personality and you don’t take yourself too seriously. Sure, women are initially attracted to looks, but there is more to it than that.

Women (as well as men) want someone they can talk to, make them laugh, have fun with, and enjoy life with. That’s not to say that the good looking guys don’t have that, it just means that average guys can often be that, and more, if given the chance.

Don’t let a negative first meeting get you down. If you are able to see her regularly, then you have every opportunity to show her what a great guy you really are, even if you don’t look like Brad Pitt.

Besides, you have less women after you, and it means that you’re more likely to remain faithful. Sounds shallow, but it is the truth.That is a huge thing for a woman who wants to settle down. If she’s smart, she’ll realize this in short order.

Now, that is assuming that you have certain things going for you. If you are lacking in condidence or you have approach anxiety, then you may need a little help. Have a look at this video about a goldfish.