Men – Here’s Some Advice on Keeping Your Girlfriend

Although your girlfriend is unlikely to break-up with you because you left your socks on the floor or the toilet seat up, it’s easy to take a relationship for granted and overlook some of the critical factors that could eventually lead to her showing you the door. Though you may think you know her better than anyone, you might be surprised at some of the obvious things you are ignoring.

Show your love!

Let her know how you feel about her. You’d be surprised at how often this is overlooked in a relationship. Don’t assume that she already knows. Also, don’t count on the fact that buying her expensive gifts or flowers will show how you feel about her – she needs to hear it from you.

Guys have a natural tendency to get comfortable in a relationship and assume that if there is no fighting or arguing, things are going great. Women, on the other hand, tend to be more observant and will re-assess the relationship much more frequently than guys. Even though you surprised her with that romantic weekend getaway 6 months ago, the fact remains that you’ve done nothing even remotely romantic since. Becoming complacent and being unintentionally inattentive could very well lead to you being blindsided by the dreaded, “We need to talk” talk.

The good news is that it’s never too late to tell her you love her, write a little love note, send her a romantic email, or send an impromptu text message during the day telling her you love her. Or it could even be something as simple as complimenting her new dress or telling her how much you love that new hairstyle.

Make sure you listen

How would you feel if you had something important to tell her and she responded by simply staring into space as you talked? How often have you been guilty of this yourself? Many women find themselves in this exact situation when trying to communicate with their husbands or boyfriends. It doesn’t take much effort to put aside what you’re doing and really listen to her. She will definitely notice this.

If you honestly can’t talk at the moment because you’re in the middle of something, just explain to her that you’ll be a minute or you’ll have time to chat later. Don’t just ignore her and do your own thing anyway while she assumes you’re listening.

Be tactful when it comes to honesty

Although we would love to believe that honesty is the best policy, anyone who has been in a relationship and has a little life experience will tell you that following that advice to the letter is not always a good thing. Though you should avoid outright lying, a little diplomacy and some tack will go a long way to keeping the peace in your relationship.

You need to know when to be honest and when to be tactful – without outright lying. If she asks if that dress makes her look fat, don’t respond by telling her that it’s a little snug or that it makes her look 10 pounds lighter; instead, comment about how it suits her and enhances her figure. Tell her that she looks great in anything. It’s all in the way you say it.

When both partners are willing to compromise and exercise patience, understanding and trust, you’d be surprised how smooth sailing your relationship can be.

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