Marriage Troubles? How to Get That Excitement Back in Your Relationship

Remember what things were like early on in the relationship? The courtship, the wedding, spending time planning out the rest of your lives together? It seemed as though the honeymoon would never end. It was an exciting and happy time for both of you. But there was one problem: life happened shortly after the honeymoon was over. You quickly discovered that it was impossible to keep up that level of joy forever. The truth be told – you probably knew this day would come eventually.

And even though you have a happy marriage at the moment, there’s no denying that it is, for lack of a better word, less than exciting. Though you love each other very much, it’s only natural that things will become boring and routine – especially if you spend most of the day with each other. If you’re not careful, those boring, daily routines can really drag on the marriage. The result may be that one, or both, of you start feeling stagnant and unsatisfied.

It’s unrealistic to think that the relationship is going to remain vibrant and exciting on its own. It has to be helped along – and sometimes that means taking steps as a couple to create that excitement. Here are a few ways you can rev things up:

Have your own interests separate from your spouse

Honestly, you don’t have to do everything together and a little time on your own can work wonders. Not only will you get a break from each other and the same old routine, but you’ll have something new to talk about when you do see each other afterwards. Though some individuals believe that having separate interests is a sign of a weak marriage, the fact of the matter is that it is a sign of strength and can give you some healthy time on your own.

Be spontaneous

Nothing will spice things up like a little spontaneity. Think back to when you were dating and how a little creativity and spontaneity made all the difference. Well, just because you’re married and comfortable in your relationship doesn’t mean that you can’t be a little adventurous once in a while. Sure, you have responsibilities now, but that shouldn’t stop you from mixing things up a little. Plan a day, evening, or even an afternoon and do something you’ve never done before. Keep it a secret until the last minute.

Don’t play mind games

If you are the type that threatens separation, you need to know that your attitude will cause your relationship to naturally grow apart. It will get to the point where your partner doesn’t trust you and that gets old really fast.

Weekend getaways

This is going to do more for your relationship than just about anything. The weekend is the perfect time to break your daily routine and really experience life a little. If your weekends are no different than the rest of your week, then monotony and boredom can eat away at the marriage. Think of it as a mini vacation. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune – opt for an overnight stay somewhere out of town. Or you could even organize a day trip or a dinner and movie night if you don’t want to spend money on accommodations.

Spice up your love life

Sex is obviously a very important part of any serious relationship and when things become predictable and boring in the bedroom, it can influence everything else in the marriage. Mix things up a little and step out of your normal routine. Your partner is sure to notice this and it can be a catalyst to a deeper intimacy in your relationship.

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