Love Online – Pros And Cons

As technology makes leaps and bounds in the world as the years pass by, it is easy to see how many components of life can be affected by technological advancement. One area which many would least expect to find to be affected by technology is dating. However, simply by looking at the large number of online dating websites, one can clearly see that this is not the case. Prior to getting involved with online dating, some individuals may want to know the pros and cons that are associated with online dating and these will be listed in the paragraphs which follow.

Pros of Online Dating

There are a number of pros associated with online dating. One in particular is the wealth of options that are available to the single individual looking to find a mate. Since computers can bring individuals together anywhere throughout the world, having the computer as a tool to do so is a great way to potentially meet a mate. Online dating bridges the gap that would have probably existed between two individuals had it not been for their computers which in reality brought them together.

Another positive aspect to online dating is that one can often be more forward in online correspondence as opposed to face-to-face meetings. Many people find that dealing with individuals, whether in regard to business or pleasure, is usually easier to do over the phone or by email than in person. For those individuals, using tools such as email to correspond with others may make them feel more comfortable and at ease than a physical meeting.

When online dating is accomplished via online dating websites, one can view traits, attributes and pictures of an individual before they even meet face to face. This is another positive aspect of online dating. Knowing exactly what qualities the other individual possesses in advance is a wonderful thing.

Cons of Online Dating

The first disadvantage to online dating is the distance. Should two individuals hit it off and wish to start a relationship in person, it may be difficult if the two live on the other side of the country or world even from each other. Therefore, online dating can often provide a barrier to two individuals who live far apart from one another.

Along similar lines as the distance factor, online dating can sometimes present a problem in the way of lack of physical and emotional connection. As one can only portray so much via email and online dating, this tends to create problems for individuals who wish to have more physical interaction with their companions.

Lastly, for those individuals who pursue online dating through dating websites, these individuals may find the cost of doing so a hindrance. As many dating websites charge for certain fee-based services, one who takes part in a number of these dating websites may find that the cost of doing so adds up after a while.

In conclusion, although online dating has its cons it is important to keep in mind the positive aspects which make online dating a viable option for many individuals these days.

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