Looking For Your Soulmate? Don’t Rely on Fate

While many of us believe in fate when it comes to meeting other singles, chances are, you’re not going to have much success using this tactic. In the worst-case you could find yourself being alone for many, many years – in the best case, you could meet someone, but they’re not likely to be your soul-mate – not even close. Leaving your dating life (and future happiness) to chance is a recipe for loneliness. You could well spend the best years of your life hoping that today is the day he/she will walk into your life, only to be disappointed time and time again.

Whether you’re male, or female, it is in your best interest to make things happen. Of course, women tend to be a little less aggressive than men when it comes to making the first move, however, there is nothing to stop a woman from initiating a sensible conversation with someone whom they are attracted to. In fact, this may work much better than some of the more straightforward techniques that men use (some men, that is).

Whether you’re male or female, it is certainly in your best interest to get out there and mingle. It doesn’t always have to be about dating. Any opportunity you get to practice your conversation technique is well worth it. Additionally, even though you were talking to someone whom you have no intentions to pursue romantically, it doesn’t hurt to get to know as many people as possible and enhance your network of friends and acquaintances. Who knows, they might have a single friend that is perfect for you.

Once you do meet someone that catches your eye, try to start the conversation off as you would with anyone. Talk about the weather, make comments about current events – whatever you feel like talking about is fine as long as there are no hints of sexual overtones or possible romance – at least not yet. Just treat them as you would anyone else so that you get to know them as a person first. It shouldn’t take long to discover if there is a possibility of romance. At this stage you really need to pick up on the subtle clues that are given (if any), and respond in kind. If they appear indifferent, simply end the conversation politely and move on – no harm done.

By using a sensible approach, you are not putting the other person on the spot and coming off as being too aggressive or needy. If the attraction is mutual, you will know soon enough. If it was meant to be, the conversation will become just a little more intimate.

Don’t leave your romantic future to chance, get out there a start meeting people – you’ll be glad you did!

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