Is Your Date Being Honest? Find Out For Sure

You’ve just met the person of your dreams. Though it’s only been a short while, you feel like you’ve known each other all your lives. In fact, things happened so fast that you haven’t had a chance to sit back and look at the situation rationally. Though you seem to get along famously, you can’t help but wonder how much more there is to this person and how little they have told you. Should there be cause for concern?

Dating can be a risky proposition for many reasons. First and foremost, you must consider your personal safety. What is the person’s background? Can they be trusted?

Aside from your personal safety, you must also consider their character, integrity, and intentions towards you. Are you being conned, deceived, or just plain lied to?

Though there may be no cause for concern, you should seek the truth about your future partner from the get-go. If you suspect that they are not being honest with you, there are ways to check things out for your own safety – not to mention your piece of mind.

If you feel there is something not quite right, you owe it to yourself to do a bit of investigation work on your own. Here are two ways to find out the truth about anyone in record time:

1. Do a Reverse Cell Phone Lookup. If they have something to hide, they will always call you on their cell phone – knowing that the owner’s information such as name and address are not available publicly. Within minutes, you will have their real name and full address. Of course, if they call you on a land line, you can get that same info on an internet site like The White Pages for free.

2. Perform your own Background Check. A site such as this will return information about criminal records, bankruptcies, arrests, court orders, marriages, and dozens of other public records .Only you can decide whether or not you need to know about such things. While some people would consider this over-kill, others would welcome having that much information about a potential life partner.

Reverse Phone and Background Check