Is There Anyone That Can Help Me Save My Marriage?

Do you feel as though you’ve exhausted every tactic when it comes to saving your marriage? Don’t despair – after you’ve tried things on your own, here are a few sources that could provide you with the answers you need:

Marriage Counseling

While you may want to avoid airing your “dirty laundry” in the office of a marriage councilor, that might be exactly what you need at this point if you’ve exhausted every possibility trying to work things out on your own. Although you might want to avoid storming into the office and shouting, “Help me save my marriage,” a good marriage councilor may help you see things you wouldn’t otherwise.

Marriage councilors are experts in resolving marital conflicts and can help you make progress even if you’re at an impasse with your spouse. They can also expertly guide you through the process of getting your relationship back on track. They have years of experience working with couples and have seen just about every problem there is.

However, one problem that you may run into is that your partner may not be keen on the idea. This is especially true if they feel the relationship can’t be saved. Keep trying to convince them to go – don’t take no for an answer. If you can do this, chances are that they will change their outlook once the sessions start.

Keep in mind that the average success rate for a councilor is only 30%.


Have any of your friends ever been in a similar situation? How did they cope with things? Their advice could be invaluable especially if they’ve managed to dodge a divorce. Don’t just rely on the advice of friends who are your own age either; the advice of older couples could be worth its weight in gold because these folks have had a lot more experience.

Even though your friends may be in a great relationship now, chances are, they have had to deal with their own fair share of marital troubles and they have a lot of advice to offer. Just make sure that the advice is relevant to your situation. Every relationship is different and what worked for them, may not work for you.

Online Forums

These days, you can find information and advice online on just about everything – including marriage and relationships. The wonderful thing about online forums is that they are as anonymous as you want them to be, and the advice you are given is spread out amongst many different people. It’s then up to you to filter out the good from the not so good.

The only drawback is that there is often a significant delay in getting your questions answered and you may not get the back and forth dialogue you need in order to answer your questions and solve your problem in a timely fashion.

Self-help Books

If you’ve been looking online for advice on how to save your marriage, you’ve likely noticed that there are several “help me save my marriage” e-books available along with the traditional hardcover books. Quite often, these electronic books can be surprisingly effective even though they may not seem like much. The reason for this is that most of the books have been written by renowned marriage councilors and experts in the field. Often, what you are reading is a formula they have developed based on their years of experience.

As an example, this formula could provide guidance on working through extreme difficulties when one partner is ready to call it quits.

Your marriage is not going to fix itself. The problems you are having are not going to go away on their own. Though this article has covered several options when it comes to the question, “Who can help me save my marriage” your success is going to depend entirely on making a plan and taking action. Wherever you decide to go for help, just make sure to follow through on it.

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