Is My Man Cheating?

The fact that you’ve arrived at this page speaks volumes. Obviously, you are going through a significant amount of emotional turmoil while trying your best to sort out fact from fiction. You have a gut feeling that your man is cheating, but you’re afraid that your imagination could be getting the better of you.

Catch a Cheat

Is your man cheating? Here’s a list of 30 things to watch for:

1. He logs more hours on the internet
2. He heads for the shower as soon as he comes in the front door.
3. There is an unexplained scent on his clothes (perfume, deodorant, soap)
4. He becomes more interested in his appearance
5. His car is always spotless
6. Unexplained mileage on the car and the passenger seat position is always wrong
7. Glove box in car is always locked
8. Unexplained cell/text messages
9. More hang-up calls on your home phone
10. Takes his calls in another room, or outside
11. Wild mood swings for no apparent reason
12. Unexplained lateness getting home
13. His internet history is always clear
14. His cell-phone is squeaky clean and/or locked
15. He deliberately leaves his cell-phone/pager in the car overnight
16. No sex drive
17. Unexplained urgency to leave the house
18. Not hungry when he gets home
19. Alcohol on his breath for no apparent reason
20. More business trips than usual
21. He buys you gifts out of the blue (guilt)
22. Starts arguments more frequently for no apparent reason
23. Introduces new lovemaking techniques in the bedroom
24. Unexplained marks on his body
25. Attempts to hide bills/mail
26. Starts talking about people you don’t know
27. He keeps cologne or deodorant in the car
28. He talks in his sleep and mentions the names of people you don’t know
29. Wakes up confused (he needs a minute to remember whose bed he’s in)
30. He is nowhere to be found at certain times of the day

Remember, before you start making accusations, you need to be 100% sure. Once you confront him, there is no going back.

You need to be absolutely certain, and then start gathering indisputable evidence.

Here is a 3 step plan to get that evidence you need quickly and easily using his cell phone:

Step#1 Find out everything you can about your husband’s cell phone functions. Go online and download the operating manual for the model number and study it. In order to be effective and not get caught, you are going to have to be quick and know exactly where to find the evidence. In some cases, you may only have seconds to have a peek – you don’t want to be fumbling around trying to figure out how it works.

Step#2 Check his cell phone every chance you get. In particular, try accessing it as soon as he arrives home. A clever cheater may always remember to erase incriminating evidence before he comes home, but he is bound to forget sooner or later. Take note of any unusual numbers on his call history – incoming and outgoing. You will also want to look at the text messages he has been sending and receiving.

Step#3 Go to THIS WEBSITE and find out who belongs to that mystery number.

The website provides information, such as the owner’s name, address, and more. Keep in mind that you can’t use directories such as the white pages to find information on cellphones – it is private.

However, specialized services have access to all the information you could want about a particular number. Click here to start your search – Reverse Cell Lookup.