How You Can Start Dating Beautiful Women

So you’re an average guy, nothing special about you, you’re not super smart, you aren’t an athlete, and you certainly are not sitting on a trust fund or inheritance either. Regardless, you find yourself pining away after beautiful women, with their perfect figures and long legs, but you never do anything about it. You figure she’d rather have a guy with money, or power, or model good looks so you never try to make a move at all. The problem is if you don’t ask a beautiful woman on a date, you’ve already said “no” for her. Try some of these guidelines and you might surprised how many beautiful women end up saying “yes” to you.

The biggest obstacle between you and dating beautiful women is fear. Sure, beautiful women can be intimidating. They get plenty of attention. They’re used to being asked out by guys, and know they have their pick of men. But that’s no reason to assume you’ve got no chance. If you can get a beautiful woman’s attention, and keep it, you might find out that your little black book is too small for all the numbers you could be getting. Be honest and think about how many times have you been cruising the aisles at the electronics store or dropped by the hobby shop and found your self picking your jaw up from the floor at the sight of a ridiculously beautiful woman draped on the arm of some guy who’s not as good looking, not as well off, and probably not as smart as you? I know, that’s happened so often you don’t want to think about it very long – but realize that every single one of these moments is proof that you could end up dating beautiful women too.

It’s simple. Lose your fear of rejection, and you can get results. It may not happen immediately, but getting a beautiful woman to go out with you is like any other sale. Yes, I said sale. When salesman make their rounds, they ask again and again if somebody is interested in purchasing their product. Sometimes this means approaching strangers and finding ways to mention the product to people you might not think would care. By talking to as many people as possible, a sales person greatly increases their chance of success. It’s a simple numbers game. The more they ask, the more chances for a yes, the more “yes’s” they get. Dating beautiful women works the same way. If you ask her out and she rejects you, you’re no worse off than you were when you saw her. But if you ask her out and she says yes, you’ve already made it past the biggest hurdle.

There are other things you can try to do that will make you stand out from the crowd when winning the affection of a beautiful woman, but in the end you’re going to have to start by simply asking her out. The more you suck it up and ask, the more comfortable you’ll get with the process. The more comfortable you get with asking beautiful women out, the more confident (read attractive) you’ll come across, and the more positive responses you’ll get. Dating beautiful women is easy, you just need the courage to actually try.

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