How to Tell If a Woman Likes You or Not

So, you’ve gotten past the first date, but you can’t tell if she really likes you or not. Well, you’re not alone, most guys have a hard time when it comes to this – but don’t worry, it isn’t that hard to figure out. The first date might not have seemed like it went well, but there are some things you can look for to give you a good sense of her interest level.

First off, is she calling or messaging you? Women don’t like to waste their time sending signals to guys they aren’t interested in. It’s possible that she might have been faking some interest if you had gone on a double date due to social pressure, but if she’s calling you afterwards, it’s because she really wants to get to know you better.

Pay attention to how she gets ready for date two. If she shows up with her hair done, makeup in order, in an outfit that delights and teases the eye, she’s interested. If she shows up in sweat pants she’s probably not all that excited. Realize that all women are different, and some prefer more casual looks over the elaborate – but in the end, if a woman likes you, she’s going to make some effort to make her self look better in front of you. If she’s primping at all for your get together, she’s interested.

Watch her body language. Human beings, all of us, communicate far more with the things we don’t say than the things we do. Things like how we point our shoulders, or the way we sit can indicate things like attention, or interest. If she’s looking at you with shoulders square, she’s probably into you. If she’s leaning close, she definitely likes you. Another indicator is how she responds to your approach. Does she shy away from you and step back if you move closer? Does she wind up shifting herself a little closer to you in response? If she’s okay with close physical proximity, or she’s the one initiating it, she likes you.

Figuring out if she likes you is pretty much common sense. The trick is to slow your mind down and control your own excitement. Then all you have to do is pay attention. If she likes you, you’ll see it, and you’ll feel it. If you’re afraid you might be imagining, you probably are. Real interest is as obvious as the sun in the sky.

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