How To Catch A Cheating Spouse

You have the right to know if your spouse is cheating.

Put an end to the sleepless nights, the heart-pounding anxiety, and the feelings of uncertainty, guilt, and sadness. No one should have to go through that – You deserve better!

“Not knowing the truth is infinitely worse than any secrets you might uncover.”

However, if all the signs are there but you have no proof, what is the first step?

Well, you need evidence – and fast.

Here are some of the quickest ways to get to the bottom of things. Keep in mind that some of these methods will require you to spy and possibly invade the privacy of your significant other. Though you might consider them unethical, they are, nonetheless, extremely effective and absolutely necessary.

Check their computer history

This will give you the biggest bang for your buck. In this day and age, it is almost a certainty that if there is something going on, they will communicate at some point in time over the internet.

In most browser windows it’s simply a matter of clicking on the history tab. If they have been using a messenger program, there might also be a history log you can look at in the actual program itself.

Although a browsing session is easy to clear, it is just a matter of time before they forget to cover their tracks.

The drawback here is that you need their password.

Check their cell-phone history

The illicit couple are almost certainly communicating via cell-phone. Check the incoming call history, the text history, and the saved numbers directory whenever the opportunity presents itself. If they are smart, they will have erased all the evidence related to their affair. However, be patient and diligent, eventually they will get careless. Write down any strange numbers and check to see who they belong to Here.

Keep a diary

Keep track of the dates and times of suspicious behaviour. This could include working unusually late, going on an unexpected business trip, or leaving the house unexpectedly. Write it all down in detail. This info will be used in the next step.

Look through credit card statements and cell phone bills

Pay particular attention to restaurant bills, and other unusual charges made to their credit card. Take note of the time and date of the transaction and match it up to the specific dates and times of your diary entries. This is a very powerful technique and often provides indisputable proof that there is something going on.

Go through their cell phone bill and take note of any unusual numbers. Also, cross reference the times of these calls to your diary entries. The information gathered here is priceless.

Next Steps:

1. Be more observant.

2. Don’t blindly accept excuses.

3. Document strange episodes.

4. Copy suspicious receipts and bills.

5. If you don’t know how to extract information from their computer or cellphone – LEARN how!.

6. Check suspicious cell phone numbers.

7. Watch this video on the “Catch a Cheat” website.