How to Avoid Bad Breakup Advice

One thing you are going to notice after a breakup is that everyone is going to have their own advice to give you. The problem is that, though it is well intentioned, the advice they give you is likely to be flawed in many ways. Not to say that you shouldn’t listen (talking to a friend also gives you moral support), as long as you are able to extract the good stuff and leave the rest.

But how will you know if the advice you are being given is right for you? Well, you may want to start by considering where it is coming from.

Think about who is offering up the advice in the first place. Is it a trusted friend? Is it a family member? Or is it someone who just loves to advise anyone who will listen? Does the person have an agenda (they want to see you fail), or are they secretly jealous of you and the relationship you had? Perhaps they had/have a secret crush on your ex. Don’t assume that they are being nice just for the heck of it.

Maybe the advice you are considering taking is on a website that specializes in techniques to get your ex back. If it is a blog, do a bit of reading and see if what they are saying makes sense before you take their word for it. Remember that anyone can start up a blog and start writing for the whole world to see – but it doesn’t make them an expert on the subject. Also, be wary of websites that have many members giving their opinions (a forum, for example). You don’t know who these people are and you might be taking advice from a 12 year old surfing the net when he should be doing his homework.

Now, the people you should be listening to are the people who always seem to have the right answer for any crisis or situation. They are the close people you trust and who always seem to be able to give you level-headed recommendations without having an agenda behind it. In other words, they are able to offer advice that actually works without expecting that it is going to benefit them in some way.

Keep in mind that even your closest friends may not have the best suggestions for you. They may have your best interests in mind, but they may also be biased. It is possible that they think the best thing for you is to not get back with your ex (regardless of what you think). Possibly, because they secretly don’t like him/her.

So, the number one thing at the moment is to not allow anyone to influence you so that you are making snap decisions. While it is a good idea to consider all the advice given to you, you also don’t want to throw everything away by acting recklessly. You may see things a little more clearly in the future and you don’t want to regret any decisions you make now.

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