How Average Guys Date Beautiful Women – 7 Tips

If you are an average guy and you managed to score a date with a beautiful woman, you may think that things are looking up for you, finally. But the truth of the matter is that you are likely to blow it because you are going to do things that average guys do when they are with beautiful women – and that is not necessarily a good thing.

Though dating a beautiful woman can be a real ego booster for an average guy, the problem is that most of them put the woman on a pedestal and never let her down.

But, if you get it right, dating a beautiful woman can be life-changing for an average guy. Not only are you going to feel good about yourself like you have never felt before, but you are going to start attracting other women as a result. Oh, and you’ll also up your status in the eyes of other men too.

Very attractive women are used to dating good-looking, rich, and successful men. It is a double edged sword, unfortunately. You see, they also pick up some undesirable habits as a group. They become high maintenance, vain, manipulative, and make less desirable long-term partners.

Now, if you are of average looks and you aren’t rich, you have your work cut out for you if you are dating an above average looking woman. Here is some advice that is going to help you along the way.

1. You have to be different. Realize that every guy imaginable is going to be drooling over your date and trying their hand. When there is so much supply, all guys start looking the same. You have to stand out and make her notice you.

2. You may have to take her down from the pedestal you have her on. Stop treating her like a goddess because that is how every other guy is treating her. If you tone it down a little (or even ignore her a bit), you are going to get her attention like nothing else. Act like she is just any other woman and appear unaffected by her good looks. You have to look as though you can take her or leave her – that is sure to get her to take notice.

3. Ignore her in the beginning. If you see her in a bar, for example, and she is with her plain friend (they all have them), start talking to the friend and let her sit on the side-lines for a while. Don’t be rude, just don’t act as though you want to marry her on the spot. This is going to create a little jealousy on the beautiful woman’s part because she is going to resent the fact that her plain friend is getting all the attention. Don’t be surprised if she turns up the heat and starts pursuing you.

4. Instead of feeding her line after line of compliments, why not tease her a little. Remember, she is used to getting compliments all day long. If you start to tease her a little in a playful way, she is going to take notice. Point out her flaws (or exaggerate them) in a lighthearted way.

5. Look past her beauty and see her as a deeper and more complex woman. Without a doubt, almost everyone she dates and anyone who talks to her is going after one thing. You can be the guy that is interested in her as a person instead of a sex object. Find out what her interests are and make her comfortable by talking about that instead of feeding her phony compliments and lewd gestures all night.

6. Make sure that you don’t call her right away if she gives you her phone number. Nothing reeks of desperation like the guy who calls the next day. Wait a few days, at least – she’ll respect you for it.

7. One thing you don’t want to do at any cost is push for sex. If you do this, you are going to look shallow and weak. She is going to know that you are only after her for one thing and she is not going to make it easy for you. She knows that she is sexually attractive and she knows that you want her, but you don’t have to be so obvious about it. Treat her like a person and get to know her first. In fact, if you play a little hard to get, you are going to rise way above all the hundreds of other guys who are too easy. She will appreciate the challenge.

Dating beautiful women is not the easiest thing in the world. And it is certainly not something that anyone can do. You have to have your wits about you and make sure that you don’t defeat yourself in your mind first. Start by giving them more distance than all the other guys, without seeming uninterested. It is a tough line to walk, but if you get the right combination, you are going to come out on top.

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