Five Tips on Avoiding Heartache: Relationship Advice For Women

There’s tons of advice out there on getting a man, and tons on patching up a souring relationship too, but what about avoiding a bad relationship all together? Where’s that advice? Well, look no further, it’s right here.

1. Know what you want. It can be all too easy to spend time focusing on trying to attract any man instead of focusing on attracting a man you actually want. We’re not talking about idealized tycoons with rugged features and dashing good looks, we’re talking about the character traits you really want in your partner. Try to make sure your desires don’t contradict each other, either. You may want a neat guy, and you may want a laid back guy, but honestly, these two traits don’t really come in the same package very often. Prioritize and make a choice when you have to.

2. Know your limits. While there are lots of little things you may or may not be willing to let slide, like always leaving the toilet seat up, know what things are simply unacceptable. Period. Some examples might be a criminal history, or a drug addiction, or even violence against you. You’ve got to know these limits before you start a relationship, and make sure they aren’t crossed by your prospective partner, as quickly as possible. The last thing you want is to spend months getting close to somebody and then realized you’ve become entangled in a relationship with Mr. Hyde. Some good relationship advice for women is to share those limits with your friends. This way, if you wind up getting forgetful and mention something to a friend, they can help me remind you of your rules and get you back on the path to finding Dr. Jekyll.

3. Know the warning signs. Let’s be frank, ladies. If you keep finding yourself getting hurt over and over by the same types of things, you are partially responsible. For whatever reason, your natural inclination is to be attracted to whatever behavior it is. But cheer up, the fact that you’ve been there before has given you valuable experience. You can use that valuable experience to see early indicators of that troublesome behavior, be it alcoholism, possessiveness, or even just selfishness.

4. Trust your intuition. There’s a reason this is a popular piece of relationship advice for women. Most people, in fact, can usually figure out what they want or what they need, and while you may be confused on a conscious level, your instincts are almost always right. That’s why we have instincts, to keep us out of trouble, so listen to yours.

5. Be wary of love at first sight. The Beatles said” it happens all the time,” and they might be right about that, but very seldom is love at first sight a “real” lasting type of love. An overwhelming attraction to a man is a good sign to slow down. If you listen closely, you’re instincts will probably be screaming “this is crazy!” Don’t dismiss these attractions right away, but make sure to take a second, if not a third, look.

All of this is good relationship advice for women, but you’re still going to have to spend some time looking at yourself. You’re going to have to come up with guidelines and desires that fit your personal preferences, and by doing so, you can save yourself some heartache.

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