Finding Your Ideal Woman Online

One of the biggest problems facing guys who frequent dating sites is the fact that not all women are going to be truthful when posting their profile. With the number of dating sites that have popped up over the past few years, it is inevitable that you are going to run into this kind of thing at some point.

While women who are serious about finding a suitable dating partner are usually truthful in their profiles, you are still going to run into those who may not be as serious, and who try to inflate their profile in order to get the attention of as many men as possible. Of the things to watch for, posting a fake picture is one of the most common. In some cases, the picture is not fake, it is just 20 years old and isn’t even close to what she looks like today. You also have to watch out for profiles that are padded to make the person look better than they are. Usually people who fake their profile like this suffer from low self-esteem.

If you are a guy looking for love online, you should approach internet dating with an open mind. If you don’t, you may limit the number of women you actually make contact with. Don’t assume that everyone is a scammer because the number of people who actually do this is relatively low. Besides, they are eventually going to be found out early on in the relationship and you can simply thank them for their time and move on. Think about it: how long are you going to talk to someone before you realize that things aren’t right?

Of course, it works both ways. There are many men out there who are inflating their dating profiles in order to make themselves look good. They may be posting a 10 year old picture – you know, the one of them in their 20’s during their body building phase, or they may brag about the job they have or the money they make. This is all down to what they believe women want to see and hear. But here is the thing: Even though women are initially attracted to men in a physical way, or they may be impressed at the social status a guy has, the bottom line is that they are going to ultimately be attracted to how they click on an intellectual level. They are going to be more attracted to a guy’s personality than by his looks or his bank account.

Though you may catch more fish by exaggerating on your profile, the truth is that they are eventually going to find out who you really are. Wouldn’t it be better if they already knew who you were before they met you? Wouldn’t that be a lot less stressful?

Sure, you may not get as many initial responses from those interested, but you know that the ones who do respond are going to like you for who you are. From there, it is up to you to seduce them intellectually and really show them what a winning personality you have.

Okay, but you might say that if you lie a little, you are going to attract more women, initially. Well, that may be true, but you are also going to waste a lot of time as they ditch you after they find out you are lying. If you are an average guy, you are way better off being honest in the beginning and then showing them that you have a great personality and can engage them in stimulating conversation.

One rule of thumb that you may want to follow is to converse a lot online and via email before you ever meet in person. Eventually, send them recent photos and/or video of you. This is going to make the live meeting less stressful because they are going to know exactly what they are getting, ahead of time. Of course, it works both ways. During this time, you are also going to be evaluating them to make sure they are who they say they are before you meet in public.

Not sure how to start dating online? Have you had dismal success in the past with dating sites? Convinced that there is no one for you in the thousands of profiles? Then you may need a little help.

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