Emotional Signs They are Cheating

There is no one way to find out if your partner is cheating on you. It is painful enough to feel that he or she is becoming unfaithful to you, let alone looking for signs to prove it. Although there are many emotional signs that they are cheating, spouses, girlfriends or boyfriends have been shown to use a specific behavioral pattern on how they handle the relationship with their partners. A sudden change in how they behave around you could be a sign that they have ventured into a new relationship (a replacement, or just for fun).

It could be that your partner is no longer looking you in the eye when you have a conversation. Or your conversations are cut short and his/her answers are just simple yes and no to all of your questions. They might be starting to spend more time with their friends and no longer spending quality alone time with you. They could be forgetting important dates and are no longer interested in going out with you to parties and other social gatherings. Intimacy is also a good gauge if he/she is cheating or not. Is he still as sweet as he used to be? Does she still take time to spend intimate moments with you, or do these moments become seldom or even non-existent now?

Are you still the person she talks to if she has problems at work or at home? Are you still his confidante or does he go to someone else, a co-worker or a new person in his life, for advice? If your answers are all yes to these questions, then your partner could be cheating – even if it is just an “emotional” form of cheating and hasn’t progressed. That new person could be the one lighting their sparks at the moment, but they might just be scared to tell you.

Do they shrug you off when you try to touch them or embrace them? Does his/her touch feel distant now and lack passion? The emotional connection between you could be diminishing if there is a big change in their affection. It could be time to confront them about a pressing problem with your relationship.

There are a lot of other signs that could prove your partner is cheating. You know your partner enough to notice changes in how they behave around you. Usually, the first signs of infidelity are emotional changes. And this is because their feelings may have changed towards you… and it’s worth finding out one way or the other.