Do’s And Don’ts For A First Date

First dates are big events for many individuals who feel nervous, excited, and a bit scared all at the same time. Most individuals embarking on a first date want to do everything possible to ensure that it leads to a second date in the event that they like the other person. There are a few do’s and don’ts which individuals should keep in mind when going on a first date.

Do Be On Time

Being on time is a pet peeve for many individuals. Not only that, but it provides a glimpse into the individual. Someone who is on time presents the aura that they are considerate, precise and interested in meeting their date. Therefore, it is very important that parties to a first date make sure that they are on time for their meeting.

Do Be Courteous

Politeness is something that never goes out of style. It is a unisex trait that is important for both men and women to take notice of and try their best to perfect. An individual who is courteous in their manners and speech will impress and delight their date for the evening. Do be courteous when out on a first date and for the time thereafter as well.

Don’t Drink Too Much

Some individuals who are out on dates like to have a few cocktails while they chat with their new companion. As some people tend to have a drink or two to loosen up and relax, it is important that they do not drink too much as this could reflect poorly on the individual and have the date end on a bad note. With this in mind, it is okay to have a few drinks while on the first date, just don’t overdo it.

Do Offer to Pay

There are many etiquette books and discussions which cover first date etiquette regarding paying for the date. These days, many individuals may wonder who should pay for the date and whether there are set guidelines regarding paying for date activities. In general, the person who asks the individual out on the date should be prepared to pay yet it is also in good taste for the other person to offer to pay as well. Offering to pay, regardless of who does the asking for the date, shows the other individual that they are willing to contribute to the date as well.

Do Know When to End the Date

Whether the date is a good one or a bad one, it is important that both parties know when to end the date. Since it is a first date, it is important to end it at a reasonable time as if it was a good one, then another date can be arranged for the near future where the individuals can continue on with their discussions and fun. On the other hand, should the date turn out to be not so good, it is still important to try and end the date at a reasonable time and on as good a note as possible.

By following the previously mentioned tips, one can better ensure that their first date will be the best possible outing it can be.