Does my boyfriend really love me?

“Does my boyfriend really love me?”

Do you find yourself asking that question more often these days? Are you at a point where you absolutely have to know, no matter what? Are you feeling insecure and anxious about your relationship?

If you’re asking similar questions, there’s a good chance that it’s being brought on by certain circumstances in your life. Perhaps he’s not paying attention to you like he used to or you feel that the relationship has gone stale. Maybe you feel as though he has someone else.

This negative thinking could also be brought upon by your past experiences. Have you been cheated on before? Have you had more than your share of bad relationships? Maybe it’s all in your mind and you’re simply overreacting to an otherwise normal situation.

If he tells you that he loves you, can you believe him? Well, there are certain indicators that you should watch out for:

When you’re in public, how does he treat you? Is he still treating you with the utmost respect, or do you notice that he’s not as kind and considerate as he once was?

In general, are you getting the respect you deserve? Is he treating you like a queen or a second-class citizen?

Does he expect more and more from you as time goes on? Do you feel as though you can’t please him anymore?

How about your family and friends – does he treat them with respect? Do you have to really try to get him out to do something with your family?

Do you feel he’s taking you for granted? When was the last time he told you that he appreciates what you do?

For any woman asking, “does my boyfriend really love me?” – It is in your best interest to seriously ask yourself some of these questions. The longer you are in denial, the worst the situation is going to get. Hopefully, it’s something that you can resolve, but if not, you need to know sooner rather than later. You can’t afford to have things deteriorate anymore than they already have.

Don’t be satisfied when he says he loves you, make him show it. Talk is cheap and he needs to back up what he says with actual deeds.

Keep in mind that it is normal for relationships to plateau or level out. Not many people can keep up the “new relationship” feeling for too long. It’s normal for relationships to have different phrases, and if he isn’t keeping up that level of charm, don’t worry, it’s completely normal. You are just entering a new phase in your relationship.

Now, there is a bit of good news in all this. It is very likely that all your relationship needs is something to spice it up. And there is no better way to do that than to take some time to have a proper date (with each other, of course). Just put aside your regular life for a bit and go out and have a proper date. You would be surprised at the difference this can make. If you are stuck for ideas, here are 300 to get you going. Many can be enjoyed for under $20.