Develop Your Online Relationships

Developing an online relationship is important. Long before you consider meeting up off-line, you need to nurture your cyberspace relationship. Just how important is it? Well, look at it as a trial run – a chance to get to know each other while you still have the freedom of partial anonymity. If a good rapport develops over the web, there is an excellent chance that the real-life relationship will be just as fulfilling.

Here are 5 things you can do to better your odds and grow your online relationship:

1. Remember that not all dating sites are created equally. Most of the free sites have very few real members – especially sites that have not been around very long. It takes time to build a solid list of members. With some services, many of the profiles will be bogus – that is a fact of life. Be picky – look around before signing up. Check for long standing members, and make sure it has a decent inventory of profiles. If the majority of profiles have no picture, there is a good chance that the site is filled with fakes. Take the time to investigate; otherwise, you’re just wasting your time.

2. If you do start communicating with someone, try to be sincere. Don’t string people along. If you have decided that you’d like to keep in touch, make sure you do just that – and do it on a regular basis. Otherwise, bow out in a dignified manner and move on.

3. Don’t try to rush things. Don’t assume that the relationship is progressing as fast as you would like. In the “online stage” you need to use the utmost discretion. Try to read the other person and look for clues in their messages. This is a fine line because your discreetness could also be interpreted as disinterest. Give the situation a little time to play out. You need to develop some trust first. Above all; do not try to rush a live meeting – you can give off bad vibes if you’re too pushy.

4. Respect the other person’s privacy. Don’t ask for a phone number, last name, or address unless there is some trust built up. And even then, the information should be volunteered by that person. If someone does send you their picture, they did so in confidence. So, keep it private and don’t pass it around.

5. Maintain a lively online relationship. Even if you haven’t met off-line, you can still trade photos, links, video, and other interesting items. With the proliferation of social websites, gone are the days of simple text messages. Everyone has a favourite site or something interesting that they have bookmarked. Share it with the other person if it’s interesting and tasteful. This will further develop familiarity and trust as they get to see a more personal side of you.

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