Dating Beautiful Women: Tips For Average Guys.

So you want to be the guy in the office who winds up dating the new hot, single secretary? Good luck, the deification of beautiful women can make it hard for the average guy to land a date with one.

Dating beautiful women can really swell a man’s… pride. Not only do you wind up feeling like a million bucks, but the guys in the office seem to respect you a little more too. Honestly, it even makes you more attractive to other beautiful women.

Attractive women have opportunities to date all kinds of men, from business tycoons to part time models to internet moguls. Sadly, this has caused many beautiful women to develop quirks that make them difficult to keep interested. They’ve learned how to use their looks to get what they want, they can be self absorbed, and they tend to expect lots of doting attention.

So, you’re an average guy, you’re not a good looking model or sitting on a trust fund. How do you get a beautiful woman to notice you? With these simple tips.

1. Stand out. With guys showering rose pedals everywhere she walks, she’ll have a hard time noticing just another fawning admirer. You need to get noticed, and doing that means being different.

2. Neglect her. With everybody worshiping her already, you don’t want to join the supplicating throngs. If you don’t let on that you find her hot, don’t seem to notice she’s attractive, and generally don’t pay her much attention, there’s a chance you’ll convince her to come after you.

3. Talk to her friend. We’ve all seen them, the pair, the hot woman and her not so hot friend. You know who I’m talking about. Well, when you see them, talk to the not hot friend. The beautiful woman will immediately be trying to figure out why you noticed her friend and not her. She is the beautiful one, after all. This is a great “in” to dating beautiful women.

4. Mock her. Most men approach a beautiful woman with flattery. Stand out by gently teasing her about her flaws. This’ll give her something to prove to you.

5. She has many facets. Most people look at a beautiful woman and only appreciate what they immediately see. Look closer. Learn about her hobbies and interests. Treating her as a complex person will only make her like you more.

6. Remember the two day rule. Alright, you got her number. Way to go. But don’t blow it now by seeming too eager. She’s used to guys being hot to trot, keep your cool and she’ll respect you that much more.

7. Take it slow. Sure, obviously one of the huge ups in dating a beautiful woman is the idea of enjoying some good old carnal relations. But she’s probably tired of guys trying to hop in her bed. Playing hard to get makes you the exception, not the norm. Better yet, it makes you a challenge.

If you’re an average guy, dating a beautiful woman is not an easy task. But even if you don’t have Warren Buffet’s investment savvy, the influence of Bill Clinton, or the looks of Brad Pitt, these tips will have you dating beautiful women before you know it.

Now, if you’re sick of not getting beautiful women (or any women, for that matter) and you want an all-inclusive guide to show you the way, check out this video.