Common Causes For Relationship Breakups

In stories and movies, relationships always end happily ever after. The fact is, no matter how strong you are as a couple, at one point, that bond may weaken. Relationship breaks ups occur when either, or both people, are no longer satisfied with their arrangement. As time passes, relationships change. Sometimes, these changes can be the death of a partnership. Here are some of the most common reasons yours could eventually fizzle out:

Breakups happen for many reasons. Distrust being one of the most common. Healthy love affairs are built on trust. When you commit yourself to somebody, you are placing a large amount of trust in them. You trust your partner to be faithful, to be supportive, and to be empathetic to your needs. Sometimes, either through carelessness or stupidity, that trust can be broken. All too quickly, a relationship can fall apart without this trust. One day everything is fine, the next day you look across the breakfast table and wonder if the person you’re looking at is the same person you fell in love with in the first place.

Another common cause for relationship breakups are differences. Often, the things we have in common are what bring us together with our partner. While initially it may seem like you and your partner agree on lots of things, it is only a matter of time before differences can rear their ugly head. Suddenly, somebody who seemed like your other half can turn into your exact opposite. All of a sudden, the common bond on which the relationship was built is no longer strong enough to hold the partners together.

Boredom can be another major factor in relationship breakups. Young relationships are known for their intense feeling and passion – it is difficult to be apart from one another. However, with time, relationships settle down, usually landing in a comfort zone. This comfort zone can be a treacherous place. If you’re not truly in sync with your partner, this comfort level can lead to an unsatisfying relationship. Instead of buying you flowers, he just comes home and sits on the couch. Instead of meeting you for lunch, she goes out with her friends. With the loss of that early excitement, one or both partners may begin seeking that excitement from somebody else. This is how boredom can cause tension and ultimately a breakup.

Perhaps the ultimate cause for breakups is the loss of love. No matter how well things may seem, you might wake up one day and realize the love you once shared with your partner is gone. Without love, it is almost impossible for things to continue. After all, love is the reason we seek to be in a relationship in the first place. The sad fact is, love, like everything else in nature, is transitory. Love can come, and love can certainly go. When love is gone, there is no reason for a relationship to continue.