Best Place to Meet Women

At the risk of sounding obvious, the best place to meet women is where they are – everywhere. That’s right, everywhere. We get it in our heads that there is some secret formula that we need to follow to find just that perfect spot where all of the beautiful women congregate – guys, it’s not that tough! Just slow down a little bit during the day and “notice” those around you. Don’t be so focused on the task at hand that you miss the cute little blond behind you in the grocery line. So, where are some of the places you need to “slow down” and look around a little bit? Here are some of the best ones:

The Grocery Store – We all hate going to the grocery store – it’s in our male DNA. But, instead of treating it like a trip to the grocery store, treat it like a chance encounter with that lady you’ve been searching for the past few weeks. Go there to shop, but allow yourself to “browse” as well and keep tuned to the women around you.

The Gym – What better place to meet a woman than at the gym? But most guys are so into their workouts and getting everything just right, etc… that they don’t stop to notice that gal at the drinking fountain.

The Bank – Maybe go into the bank next time instead of just hitting the ATM.

The Coffee Shop – Now this is a perfect place to sit back, relax and meet women natuarally. You can really take your time in a setting like this if it is your regular spot (and her’s). Just approach her like any other person and not someone you want to sleep with. The art of conversation will go a long way here.

The best place to meet women is everywhere – that can’t be overstated. So make sure each time you go out of the house you put that into your mind and dress and act accordingly. If you prepare to meet women everywhere you go, you will start becoming much more aware of the women around you.

Are you shy and unsure of yourself around women? What if you knew exactly how to speak to them confidently? Here is a book that covers it pretty well.