A Hiking Date

Dating idea: Try hiking for a change of pace.

With a little planning and some basic equipment, you can have a memorable outing while getting some fresh air and exercise.

Obviously, your date will have to be in shape and a little on the adventurous side, but you can easily choose your route according to your abilities.

The first thing you want to consider is what to wear and what to carry. This depends entirely on the type of terrain. Will your hike be a grueling, uphill climb over rocks and thorny bushes? Or will you opt for the wide, level trails that don’t require much effort. In any case, you should at least choose the right boots and socks. Opt for actual hiking boots and wool socks.

Layer your clothing and try to wear a water/wind resistant jacket if hiking in the spring or fall.

Additionally, you should carry some extra clothes, socks, snack food, water, insect repellent, sun-block, flashlight, and a small emergency kit. Always bring along a good map and compass.

Pack a nice lunch in addition to all this – you’ll appreciate it after all that exercise. Needless to say, you’ll both need a day-pack.

Choosing a trail is as simple as picking up a guidebook from the local sporting goods store, or by visiting some hiking websites.

Above all, don’t get into something that’s too challenging for you, and always let someone know exactly where you will be going.

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