5 Hot Dating Tips for Guys

We all know that first impressions really matter. That’s why relationship specialist and author Wendell K Cribbs has put together his top five dating tips for men. Gentleman, if you want to be sure you’re doing the right things when you make that all important first impression, pay attention now.

1. Be on time. Nobody likes to be kept waiting. Women typically feel punctuality is an absolute must. Not only that, being late instantly sends a signal to your date that you were too apathetic to take the steps you needed to in order to be on time. Seriously, women often feel your ability to be on time directly relates to how much you care. This is a big deal.

2. Have something to say. This means do a little homework. At the least, catch up on current events. If you know what she likes, surf the internet and learn a little about the subject. Practice how conversations may go if you feel the need. She wants to know you’re interested in her, researching what she likes will send that signal in a big way.

3. Let her decide too. You have to remember that most women want to have some say in plan making. Some women may want a “take charge” guy who will make decisions for her, you can’t know this without first getting to know her. In the beginning, let her have input on where you’re getting dinner or what movie you’ll watch. She’ll feel significant, and wanted. If later she wants you to decide for her, you can work that out then.

4. Listen to her. While on the date, ask her questions, and pay attention to the answers. This is an important dating tip for men, if you ask a woman about her life, her interests, her self, then show that you paid attention by thoughtfully responding, she will feel that you care about her.

5. How to handle the goodnight kiss. This can be a paralyzing moment for a man, do you go for it or not? Some women think a kiss on the first date is inappropriate. Other women may think you’re not into them if you don’t at least try. To know what to do, follow her lead. Throughout the whole date, did she maintain her distance, or was she comfortable getting up close and personal, as it were? If she hung back, go with a friendly hug. If she didn’t mind sharing space, go ahead and try for the kiss.

These top five dating tips from Weller K. Cribbs all share one theme. They let the woman know you’re interested in her. Remember these important tips and you wont have to say a word to show her how much you care.