5 Dating Tips For Women

Still looking for Mr. Right even though your social life has never been better? Does it seem as though there are no guys out there that will truly commit to you? Are you disappointed with the quality of dates you’ve been getting? If so, here are 5 tips you might want to consider:

Tip #1 

If it’s early days, don’t talk about your ex or any past relationships. There is a good chance that you may end up looking bitter in his eyes. He might also conclude that you’re still hung up on your ex and can’t move on. Focus on the present and concentrate on making this date memorable instead. Find a common interest and talk about that instead.

Tip #2 

Relax and just be yourself. If you’re trying to impress him by being someone you’re not, it may work for a while, but you’ll get found out eventually. Besides, if he can’t love you for who you really are; what’s the point? By being yourself, you’ll come across as more sincere and personable.

Tip #3 

Don’t get ahead of yourself and start talking about the future. Once he hears talk of weddings, children and commitment, he might just jump ship. Keep the conversation light and gradually get to know each other before getting this serious.

Tip #4 

Accept compliments. If he thinks you look good, he’ll tell you. If he compliments your cloths or hair, don’t downplay things by saying, “Oh, this old thing?” or “Thanks, but I think they cut it wrong.” This will devalue his compliment and make him regret saying anything at all. Thank him and be confident that you actually do look good.

Tip #5 

Avoid agreeing with everything he says. Voice your own opinions. Nothing is more boring than someone who appears to have nothing original to add to the conversation. Besides, you want someone who values your opinions even if they don’t completely agree with his. Mix it up a little – this makes for lively conversation.

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